Chickpeas blended with Tahini garlic and lemon

Baba Ghannouj

Roasted eggplant with Tahini garlic and lemon


The freshest parsley, mint tomato, onions and a touch of cracked wheat, olive oil and lemon


Toasted pita bread, fresh green salad, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

Spinach Pie

Fresh spinach, onion and lemon baked in homemade dough

Zucchini Fritters

Shredded zucchini with spring onions and parsley


Vegetable fritters with lemon Tahini sauce

Meat Pie

Ground beef, tomato, onion and special spices


Hot, spicy beef sausage

Grape Leaves with Vegetables

Rolled with rice, lentil, tomato, mint and onion; simmered with lemon and olive oil

Grape Leaves with Meat

Rolled with ground meat and rice with mixed spices

Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed with rice and meat, seasoned with our special spices and cooked in light lemon mint sauce

Loubeih Bi Zeit

Fresh string beans sauteed with fresh tomato, garlic, spices and olive oil

Shawarma Beef

Sliced rotisserie beef, marinated in aromatic spices; garnished with tomatoes, parsley, diced onions and sumac

Shawarma Chicken

Boneless white chicken, thinly sliced and grilled; served with seasoned tomatoes and onion


Lean beef, mixed with crushed wheat and stuffed with seasoned ground beef, onion and pine nuts

Chicken Kebab

Boneless chicken breasts marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and garlic; grilled with vegetables

Beef Kebab

Seasoned grilled beef tenderloin with onion, tomato and green peppers

Lamb Kebab

Tender baby lamb marinated in garlic mint sauce; grilled with vegetables

Kefta Kebab

Ground lean beef, parsley, onion, herbs and spices; grilled

Stuffed Zucchini with Meat

Filled with ground beef, tomato and rice; cooked in fresh tomato sauce

Red Bean Stew with Beef

Cooked with light tomato sauce, cilantro and seasoning

Okra Stew with Beef

Roasted okra, cooked with cilantro, garlic, tomato sauce and tender beef stew

Yogurt Salad

Yogurt cucumber salad



Layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and honey syrup


Lebanese pancakes with seasoned walnuts; sprinkled with honey syrup

Rice Pudding

Znoud El Sit

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